Many people view running a safety, health, environmental or quality management system as an administrative nightmare. Mango is compliance made easy…



Our MANGO (Management On The Go) Software is one of the first SHEQ compliance software products that has been designed by SHEQ professionals for the SHEQ industry. Mango is a cloud based software solution that helps you manage anything from Food safety; Occupational Health & Safety; Environmental or Quality management systems in a cost effective and simple manner.

SRM is a ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 certified company, the management of our SHEQ system has been made much simpler, better and faster due to the fact that we use Mango SHEQ Software. Additionally many of the clients that we have taken through to certification against ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 use Mango as the painless solution to managing their systems.

Mango Software Modules:

  • Accidents & Incidents – Report, investigate, assess root causes, upload evidence and implement corrective action, review and close.
  • Audits & Inspections – No more lost paper – Create any audit or inspection online, which can be facilitated from your smart phones or devices. Compliance made easy
  • Events – create time-based reminders for any action required by your system, upload evidence to create a clear audit trail.
  • Documents – Upload all of your polices; procedures; files and records into a centralized point for effective document and record control.
  • Human Resources – Identify skills requirements; link them to positions and then employees for seamless management of employee competencies and training plans.
  • Improvements – Report, investigate, assess root causes, upload evidence, implement corrective action, review and close
  • Plant & Equipment – Identify all plant & equipment and schedule planned maintenance based on time or usage. Upload evidence of maintenance & breakdowns and manage costs.
  • Suppliers – Bulk upload suppliers, rate them based on the impact to your company and then periodically review their performance.

Why not get your own documented SHEQ Management System from as little as R 2500 per month (excl. vat)


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For more info go to: mangolive.com or contact SRM for a demo