SHEQ Culture & Climate


SHEQ Culture & Climate

As many of you may know South Africa has been in the grip of severe weather conditions for the past two years, many would say that it has been caused by El Nino.

The term El Niño refers to the large-scale ocean-atmosphere climate interaction linked to a periodic warming in sea surface temperatures across the central and east-central Equatorial Pacific. This prevailing system causes severe weather conditions all over the world from Floods in England, Australia to drought in Southern Africa.

This brings me to the topic of the blog for this week. In many cases prevailing attitudes and approaches from leadership will have a direct impact on the SHEQ Culture & Climate of the organisation. Not great when something external of your control influences and impacts your life.

What type of effect does your SHEQ system or the organisations people have on the climate and culture of your company? Are their floods of accidents? Is there a drought of passion for compliance, a general sense of apathy towards protecting, people and the planet?


Two of the indicators I look for when evaluating the prevailing SHEQ Culture and Climate of any organisation:


1. Leadership

Having audited many Organisations across Africa, the leadership style of a management team is a great barometer of how effective the SHEQ system will be. Despite the fact that SHEQ compliance is undoubtedly a team effort, people will in many cases follow the example of the leaders (good or bad). If the leaders don’t care about SHEQ compliance, neither will the staff, if all people see is lip service, then that’s all their gunna give.


2. Participation & ownership by all employees

If you have a close look at the intention behind many of the ISO standards requirements and various OHS legal requirements, they have a strong emphasis towards consultation, communication and participation i.e everyone should be playing the game for an effective outcome. Where systems are run from the top down with little worker involvement or participation, or leaders pay lip service to SHEQ compliance, this will not foster the environment for a positive culture and the climate.


So what do we need to create a positive SHEQ Culture and Climate? Well lets look at the needs and expectations of the varies stakeholders.

  1. Management – As they have a fiduciary duty to their employees and shareholders, managers need to demonstrate that the SHEQ system is performing as required – So they need a live helicopter view of system performance.
  2. Supervisors – They need to drives and ensure multiple compliance activities across the entire organisation, now that’s one mammoth task.
  3. Operators – They need information that informs them how to perform a task, safely , whilst ensuring the right quality outcome.


At SRM we have taken over 35 clients through to certification against ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The tool we use to ensure the right SHEQ Culture and Climate in the Organisation is Mango.

Mango is an online SHERQ compliance tool. One of the best aspects of Mango is that everyone gets to play the game, we have designed Mango in such a way that everyone can participate in their company’s performance.

  • Management can log into the system and get a live helicopter of the organisations SHEQ performance.
  • Supervisors can drive all of their compliance activities through the events module and upload evidence for management to review performance.
  • Operators have access to the system where all operational procedures are stored. They can report risks, accidents and improvements and thus participate in the improvement of their companies SHEQ performance.


Wouldn’t you like to ensure a positive and effective SHEQ management Culture and Climate in your Organisation. Why not give us a call and asked one of our skilled consultants to demonstrate how Mango makes compliance easy, whilst meeting the needs and expectations of the various SHEQ system stakeholders.