Which SHEQ Managers Course to choose?


Which SHEQ Managers Course to choose?

Which SHEQ Managers Course to choose?

This has to be one of the most pressing questions on any aspirant SHEQ Practitioners. Out of the myriad of courses that are available in the market, which is the one that will best equip you with the skills for your future career, whilst giving you the best chance of being hired.

Some of the issues to consider:

  1. Hidden costs – many courses are not actually as cheap as they seem, you have to do some additional courses as entrance requirements before qualifying to do the advanced courses, but in some cases the introductory courses are rehashed in the advanced courses. So you have to ask yourself if its really valuable.
  2. Foreign legislation – many of the SHEQ Manager type courses offered in RSA are based on international accredited course material. Whilst the content is in many cases great, allot of the reference legislation is based in UK, European legislation, that’s okay if you want to go and work overseas, but what if your starting your career here in RSA. One of the keys to success in the SHEQ field is a comprehensive understanding of the local law.
  3. Presenter Competency – If you have a look at the cheapest SHEQ Managers courses on the market, they seem to be facilitated by a presenter who presents SHE Managers courses for a living but are not exposed to the challenging day to day SHE Compliance issues of Mining, Construction, FMCG etc. When looking at presenter competency look for people who are actively working in the field. Its also rare to find presenters who are highly qualified in both OHS and Environmental fields so its always preferable if your course is co-presented by various professionals and not just one generalist.
  4. Will my certificate be recognised – This is a big question to ask yourself. After investing all that time and effort will by certificate be recognised by potential employers.

Your most important questions will be – Is this the best courses that will open doors of employment and provide me with the skills to excel in my career?

SRM has had the privilege of co-presenting with the CEM – Centre for Environmental Management Team – North West University for the past 7 years.

If you’re in the SHEQ field you will know that the CEM is recognized as the top SHEQ Training Institution in South Africa, perhaps in Africa.

In wanting to best equip prospective SHEQ Practitioners with a certificate that will hold weight and value in the marketplace, whilst being facilitated by specialist presenters. CEM has developed the following course to meet those needs:

Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) Management (CEM-07.10)

Aim: This course has been designed by career professionals in the SHEQ field with the direct intention to equip incumbent SHEQ personal with and understanding of the basic principles and understanding of SHE Law and Quality Management Principles. How to effectively evaluate any businesses SHEQ Risk profile and institute a risk management program. How to implement, manage and continually improve a SHEQ management system


Course date 29 February to 11 March

Please contact sales@srmc.co.za or ceminfo@nwu.ac.za should you require more information on the course or for course booking.



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